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Monday, February 23, 2009


Monday Reads

You Tell'em, Gov. Perry - Peggy Venable, Americans for Prosperity, Texas
"I remain opposed to using these funds to expand existing government programs, burdening the state with ongoing expenditures long after the funding has dried up."

Gov. Perry Takes Stimulus Money -- on his own terms - The Voice of the Taxpayer
Gov OK on one time expenditures, not ongoing, unfunded mandates.

The top 10 issues of the 81st session, part 2 - Will Lutz, DallasBlog
Property Taxes, Budget, Insurance, K-12 Education, and Eminent Domain should consume a lot of air in the Texas Legislative Echo Chamber.

Is Straus more powerful than Craddick? - Paul Burka, Texas Monthly
Do new House rules make the speaker virtually invulnerable to removal?

Rep. Ron Paul Delivers Constituent Services - Lone Star Times

State Sovereignty Movement Keeps Growing - Dave Nalle, Republic of Dave

Texas electricity: Lower prices, greater consumer choice
- Emma Pickering
Maybe deregulation hasn't been so bad afterall?

Pro-Life Lobby Day coming to Lege on Feb. 24
- Jonathan Saenz, Texas Legislative Update
Ultrasound bill and "Choose Life" license plates on tap this session.

Sid Miller wants more hog hunting from helicopters! - Tony McDonald, Texian Online
Suffice it to say that feral pigs in Texas should not expect a bailout.

Plano ISD — Not Too Shabby; They Like Guns
- Trey Garrison
Somehow a cartoon picture of a firearm made it past the public ed PC police.

Out of Fear, Mexico Police Chief Resigns
- Tom McGregor, DallasBlog
More disorder on the border.

Houston: 4-year Old Child Abducted and Assaulted by Illegal Alien
- Robbie Cooper, Urban Grounds
Jorge Gonzales Hernandez — Abducting and sexually assaulting the children that Americans are too lazy to abduct and assault.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Wednesday Reads

North Texas Officials Beg for Taxpayer Dollars to Lobby for More Taxpayer Dollars - Americans for Prosperity
North Texas pols use taxpayer money to sign up Austin lobbyists to lobby for - you guessed it! - more tax dollars!

North Texas cities ask for money for transportation lobbying - Michelle Samuelson, Blue Dot Blues
In light of the odious Senate Bill 855, the North Texas transportation tax bill, when local pols use tax payer money to beg more tax payer money, it makes you want to say: What. The. *#@!?

Why are the Democrats complaining? - Paul Burka, Texas Monthly
None of the Republican chairman are identified with the hardcore social conservatives, who were shut out of chairmanships. That is the point the Democrats are missing. Straus gave them a House that is run by moderates.

Calamity: Government officials are putting off some purchases! - Kevin Whited, blogHOUSTON
Government in America does not get smaller. If the recession is sharp, some services may suffer in the short term. But beyond the short term -- government in America does not get smaller. So let's not shed too many tears just yet for the woes of government officials.

Sheila! Jackson!! Lee!!! In freakin' INDIA!!!! - Banjo Jones, Brazosport News
Houston Democratic Congressional Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is a force of nature, blessed with an uncanny ability to detect the presence of news cameras, no matter where they are, no matter what the news event, come hell or high water, and then suddenly appear right in their viewfinders.

State Sovereignty Update - Dave Nalle, Republic of Dave
States are starting to stand up to Washington DC's encroachments by appealing to the US Constitution. Will Texas join them?

Open Schools
- Michael Quinn Sullivan, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
Bills filed in Texas Legislature would require more transparency in public education spending. Since taxpayers get handed the bill, is it too much to ask to be allowed to examine the receipt?

The Freedom Market Foundation in Texas Fighting the Good Fight - Kathleen McKinley, Texas Magazine
Free enterprise, traditional values think tank stands for religious freedom and the rights of the unborn this legislative session.

700+ Scientists Are Skeptical of Darwin’s Evolution; Texas State Senator Says Censor SBOE - Jonathan Saenz, Texas Legislative Update
State Senator Rodney Ellis (D, Houston), wants to hand discussion of science in textbooks to unelected bureaucrats.

Real cheating in pro sports: New stadiums and eminent domain abuse - Chris Robertson, Texas Public Policy Foundation
Although it is a shame that one of the nation’s leading sports figures has admitted to cheating and taking shortcuts, what is more concerning is the extensive eminent domain abuses over the years that sports teams and cities have engaged in to take short cuts in taking private property.

Voter ID bill referred to full Senate - Mike Ward, Austin American Statesman
The controversial Voter ID bill that triggered a nasty Senate fight last month over a rules change today was referred directly to the full Senate for a vote, setting the stage for new unpleasantness. Now that it has been referred, Senate Bill 362 could be brought up for consideration as soon as next week.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Tuesday Reads

Job Creation in the Private Sector - A Real Economic Stimulus Plan - Tom Pauken, DallasBlog
Unlike liberal states, Texas leads the way in job create and economic development.

Sneaky tax plan filed in TX Senate - Michelle Samuelson, Blue Dot Blues
Senate bill filed with the caption "local options regarding transportation and mobility improvement projects in certain counties." That's code for transportation tax bill.

Bulked Up - Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
Steroid testing law nets 1 out of 2500 high school athletes. Is it a great deterrent or a big boondoggle?

Monday, February 16, 2009


Monday Reads

Straus releases House committee assignments - Will Lutz, DallsBlog
The Democratic leadership fared a bit better than last session but did not get as many concessions as some Republicans feared. Many conservatives are understandably disappointed with these committee assignments. From a conservative perspective, it could have been worse. Republicans and conservatives did retain some key committee posts and will still retain some influence over the course of legislation.

81st Legislature: A Close Look At Speaker Straus’ Committee Assignments - Vince Leibowitz, Capitol Annex
Elections Committee a disaster for Democrats?

Committee Communiqué - Michael Quinn Sullivan, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
Taxpayers get a mixed bag on House Committee Assignments

The top 10 issues of the 81st session, part 1 - Mark Lavergne, DallasBlog
Tuition de-regulation, Texas Youth Commission reform, ultrasound, voter ID, emissions regulation, gas taxes among the issues sure to make headlines.

Can we have a serious talk about nullification??
- Michelle Samuelson, Blue Dot Blues
Gov. Perry can't refuse the stifling stimulus package? What is this, Moscow?!

More staff reductions at the Chron - Kevin Whited, blogHOUSTON
Another Texas mainstream media organ is feeling the bite of hard economic times and the new media.

Mexico – Closing in on Chaos - Melissa Pehle-Hill, Make-a-Statement.org
Retired US Army General sheds light on the gathering threat of violence south of the border.

Texas universities spend without restraint in tough economy - Michelle Samuelson, Texas Magazine
Executive compensation activists may want to set their sites on a new target: Administrators at Texas public universities

University of Texas: Tuition Up 57%, Administrators' Salaries Up 30% - Phillip Martin, Burnt Orange Report
Texas public university students bearing the burden of bureaucratic largesse.

Texas Employer Parking Lot Bill Has Been Filed - A Keyboard and a .45
Senate Bill 730 should help make it easier for Texans to lawfully keep their firearms and ammo in their cars while at work.

Dallas Bookstore Praises Saint Obama - Texas Rainmaker
Bookstore employees do not seem too concerned about the separation of church and state.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Friday Reads

More on House Committee Assignments - Michelle Samuelson, Blue Dot Blues
Assignments are generally unfavorable for conservatives and confusing for everybody.

Committees - Winners and Losers - Paul Burka, Texas Monthly
The big winners were the Anyone But Craddicks (ABCs).

Gitmo detainees not welcome in Texas
- Merv Benson, Prarie Pundit
Texas pols not inclined to house GWOT prisoners.

Big Pork, Meet Big Spender
- Michael Quinn Sullivan, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
House Speaker Strauss is putting the wolf in charge of the fiscal hen house.

"Blueprint for an Effective Budget" press conference
- Texas Public Policy Foundation

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Thursday Reads

Blueprint for Preparing the Texas Budget: A Gift from Texas to Congress - Peggy Venable, Americans for Prosperity-Texas
Recently announced Blueprint for an Effective Budget provides the guiding principles to Texas budget writers...and the feds might learn something from it too.

Voter Identification Bill is Picking Up Steam - James Armstrong, Voice of the Taxpayer
You know common sense is riding in the back seat when you’re required to present more identification at your local movie theater than at your polling place.

Ogden goes after taxpayer-funded lobbying at UT - Michelle Samuelson, Blue Dot Blues
Spending tax payer money to spend more tax payer money is another one of government's detestable practices.

Carona's Tax Hikes - Terry Collins, Texas for Fiscal Responsibility
A staggering economy, jobs disappearing and businesses failing. So what's State Sen. John Carona's solution? Tax hikes and tax increases.

Pushing for an Open Carry Law in Texas - Robbie Cooper, Urban Grounds
Texas is one of only six states remaining that do not allow the open carry of firearms. Let Texans vote on whether or not to allow open carry in our state.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Wednesday Reads

Talking like a conservative....and acting like one - Michelle Samuelson
You not only need to walk the talk, you need to know what the talk is.

What If They Threw A Session... - Michael Quinn Sullivan, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
It's not always such a bad thing that the Lege isn't doing a whole lot.

Texans lead in saying "no" to so-called stimulus bill - Voice of the Taxpayer
Go to www.nostimulus.com and make your voice heard.

Moving on Eminent Domain
- Mike Ward, Austin American Statesman
Texas pols move to curb eminent domain abuse. Sen. Estes: "Our ability to own and profit from private property is fundamental to not just our economic liberty, but also our personal liberty."

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Tuesday Reads

The Fighters From Texas - Kathleen McKinley, Texas Magazine
Texas Senators stand against the non-stimulating stimulus bill.

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison Puts Politics Ahead of People's Jobs - Phillip Martin, Burnt Orange Report
KBH stumbles, traditional media fumbles.

Carona legislation will raise taxes to build light rail - Michele Samuelson, Blue Dot Blues
DFW State Senator positioning for pet transportation project.

Community Organizing Explained
- Phyllis Schlafly, DallasBlog
Want to understand the innerworkings of how the Left operates? Read up on their forefather, Saul Alinsky.

Taking on a “big dog” - Patricia Kilday Hart
More UTIMCO fallout.

Right Economic Stimulus - Michael Quinn Sullivan, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
Protect property tax relief, restrain spending, and use the Rainy Day Fund for legitimate rainy days...like Hurricane Ike.

Monday, February 09, 2009


Monday Reads

Regent resigns in UTIMCO bonus controversy - Mark Lavergne & Will Lutz, DallasBlog
State Senators fume and fulminate over University of Texas Investment Management Corp. (UTIMCO) bonuses.

Perry/Dewhurst UTIMCO letter is about politics - Paul Burka, Texas Monthly
Did UTIMCO official's support of Kay Bailey Hutchison ruffle some feathers at the Governor's office?

Are There Any Conservatives Left in Texas Politics? -Lone Star Times
UTIMCO bonuses were paid for pre-June 30 performance, before the big economic chill. Are we watching former conservatives morph into pure populists?

Cities queuing at the trough - Collin County Observer
North Texas cities attempt to bring home the bacon from the federal "stimulus" package

Report on energy and environment released by House committee - Asher Price, Austin American Statesman
State politicians postulate that all energy sources have trade-offs.

Jerry Patterson on Texas Monthly Talks - Evan Smith, Texas Monthly
Apparently, he was not packing heat.

Tuition cost concerns bridge ideological gap - Michelle Samuelson, Texas Magazine
State taxpayer supported universities are pricing families out of the higher ed market....and why is tuition getting so expensive anyway?

The Lege versus the BCS - Charles Kuffner, Off the Kuff
It's always heartwarming to see the Lege pay attention to the really important stuff.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Defeating Socialism with Social Media

The Austin American Statesman is holding it's first ever Texas Social Media Awards, where movers and shakers in the online social networking world are showcased.

Two prominent conservatives are on the list of finalists and deserve your comments and support.

First, is the indomitable Michael Williams, Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission. Commissioner Williams was ahead of his time with social media, have a blog at least as early as 2005. His combination of conservative vision, articulate advocacy, and social media engagement will make him a force to be reckoned with in the US Senate.

Second is Dave Guenthner, Director of Media and Government Relations for the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Mr. Guenthner is very proactive in engaging policymakers, journalists, bloggers, and activists using social media and is staking a conservative claim to the new media territory of social networking. His work in this area will no doubt point the way for other, like-minded activists to move into the social media sphere and advocate for limited government, individual freedom, free market policies, and traditional values.

Comments on nominees will help push them over the top when it comes to name the top 25. To comment, follow the links above.

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