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Monday, February 23, 2009


Monday Reads

You Tell'em, Gov. Perry - Peggy Venable, Americans for Prosperity, Texas
"I remain opposed to using these funds to expand existing government programs, burdening the state with ongoing expenditures long after the funding has dried up."

Gov. Perry Takes Stimulus Money -- on his own terms - The Voice of the Taxpayer
Gov OK on one time expenditures, not ongoing, unfunded mandates.

The top 10 issues of the 81st session, part 2 - Will Lutz, DallasBlog
Property Taxes, Budget, Insurance, K-12 Education, and Eminent Domain should consume a lot of air in the Texas Legislative Echo Chamber.

Is Straus more powerful than Craddick? - Paul Burka, Texas Monthly
Do new House rules make the speaker virtually invulnerable to removal?

Rep. Ron Paul Delivers Constituent Services - Lone Star Times

State Sovereignty Movement Keeps Growing - Dave Nalle, Republic of Dave

Texas electricity: Lower prices, greater consumer choice
- Emma Pickering
Maybe deregulation hasn't been so bad afterall?

Pro-Life Lobby Day coming to Lege on Feb. 24
- Jonathan Saenz, Texas Legislative Update
Ultrasound bill and "Choose Life" license plates on tap this session.

Sid Miller wants more hog hunting from helicopters! - Tony McDonald, Texian Online
Suffice it to say that feral pigs in Texas should not expect a bailout.

Plano ISD — Not Too Shabby; They Like Guns
- Trey Garrison
Somehow a cartoon picture of a firearm made it past the public ed PC police.

Out of Fear, Mexico Police Chief Resigns
- Tom McGregor, DallasBlog
More disorder on the border.

Houston: 4-year Old Child Abducted and Assaulted by Illegal Alien
- Robbie Cooper, Urban Grounds
Jorge Gonzales Hernandez — Abducting and sexually assaulting the children that Americans are too lazy to abduct and assault.

Re: the link about the 4-year-old who was assaulted by an illegal alien

Seriously, Trav? You're promoting a blog that explicitly states that we should summarily execute a man who is suspected of a crime, because he is in the country illegally. I realize the crime in question is horrific, but you're not doing anything more than inflaming the passions of the ignorant here.
Great post. Keep sharing more.
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